Hawaii is for Lovers

DSC08983All this talk of Valentine’s Day has got me thinking of the most sexy spots in Hawaii. And while Hawaii is made for lovers, there are some choice destinations sure to seal the deal.

Where to pop the question, or just ensure you’ll get some later that night:

Coming from someone whose hubbie asked her to get married as he made her the best latte on the planet, the destination of where to pop the question is not as important as where to go for a honeymoon (mine was in Brazil–long story). However, for those of you hunting for the spot, here are a few places that will inspire her to say yes.

Oahu: Kawela Bay’s remoteness on the North Shore makes for the ideal location for some romance. Though some might find the Pali Lookout’s expanse of green offers the perfect backdrop for promises of forever.

Maui: I can think of nowhere more romantic than the cliffs above Honolua Bay. With dolphins spinning in the sea, schools of fish dancing in the waves, and the languid Pacific stretched out below, ladies and gents will find this sweet little turn off inspires poetry.

Kauai: Sunset at Hanalei Bay, with slack key guitarists and kids playing on the pier always feels ripe for love. As you pass the other couples strolling along the bay, hold on tight to your sweetie.

Lanai: OK, this may be a stretch, but Lanai’s Sweetheart Rock might have a more creepy history, however, those hoping to cuddle up on a cliffside stroll with the whoosh of the waves below will find this short path ideal for a couple kissing breaks.

Molokai: I gotta say, Hotel Molokai’s bar area on a Friday night, with the kupuna elders strumming ukuleles, the sun setting in the distance and the pinkish hues on the palms gets me every time.

Big Island: Want to pop the question from the tallest peak in the world? Not Mt Everest, the one that is the tallest when you consider its base below the ocean? Take a deep breath and enjoy the thin air at the top of Mauna Kea. Don’t find dormant and cold volcanoes romantic, ask your partner to spent eternity with you from the Waipoo Lookout, and chances are you’ll be hitched for life.

Got any other special spots you care to share? Go on…


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