Book Review: Where Will Oliver Travel Next?

jpegGood travel books for kids can be tough to find. The other day, I found a fun series about a boy named Oliver, who like most of us, dreams to travel to the places he’s learned about.

In Oliver in Vancouver, our young hero learns about orcas and wants to see them for himself. Through a series of trial and error adventures, he manages to get himself to Canada, meet some friends (human and animal) along the way,  and ultimately come face to face with the beautiful mammals that he was looking for.

It’s hard not to adore Oliver’s spirit of adventure. Which definitely make my kids ask to read the book over and over again.

But usually when I read a kids’ book, I am bored by the text. Author Helena McShane weaves in so much subtle humor that I found myself giggling through the entire book. McShane is a mama of three and a world traveler, so she understands the fun of travel through a young person’s eyes.

Illustrator Matias Peterberg also uses humor throughout the book. His renderings of the innocence of a child make you want to give Oliver a hug. Peterberg lives in Stockholm Sweden and teaches art.

Oliver in Vancouver is the first book in the series Oliver’s travels and the second book Oliver in Paris will be hot off the press just next month! Oliver in London and New York are soon to follow…



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