Roadschooling in Monterey Bay


Sea life in Monterey Bay

Going from living in a major American city to a small beach town takes some getting used to. In San Francisco we constantly had museums and public transportation and an endless collection of friends and events to keep us entertained.

Now that we are in Aptos, a suburb of Santa Cruz, our days consist of hanging at the playground, chilling at the beach, doing science experiments in the redwoods, and trying not to busy ourselves too much that we forget to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

However, there are moments each day when I am pulling my hair out and counting the days until I can get my boys back in traditional school.

Especially this week. After a couple days of Kai complaining that he was bored with walking to the beach–tough life, huh?–I decided to throw in some culture. I packed the boys in the car and drove to Monterey to explore the brilliant Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Typically my overstimulated boys rush through museums, wanting to race past exhibits, rather than savoring each morsel of information. I don’t know if it is living in a small town, homeschooling, or we’ve met some new developmental phase in the kids’ lives, but they were floored by the wealth of sea life at the aquarium (a place they’ve visited each year of their lives).

The new Tentacles exhibit, the groovy Jelllies collection, the kelp forest and even the model whales hanging from above seemed to inspire them to want to learn more about each creature.

And just like that, I was overjoyed to have this time with my kids, savoring them when they are young and happy and excited by the world. For this traveling mama, being out in the world fixes everything.



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