Summer Road Trip Time

First stop: SF

Our lease on the vacation rental was up. The price of the rental house was getting jacked up for summer and it was a few weeks before our 6-week sublet started. So we packed up the vacation rental. Parked the Prius at a friend’s house. Stuffed the Suburu with clothes, food, a gazillion books, toys, and some camping gear and motored north to San Francisco.


I was commissioned to review the new Dirty Habit Restaurant at Palomar Hotel—which despite having items on the menu that I just didn’t understand (pig ears? Really?)—was quite delicious. So we booked a night at the hotel and ended up (travel writer perks!) getting upgraded to a room with a Jacuzzi tub. The boys took three baths in 12 hours.

This morning I tried to get my food snob kids to be ok with a carpet picnic of whatever was left in our fridge (honey turkey, jelly, and cheese) mixed with grocery store yogurt and pastries. They rolled their eyes and asked for Dynamo Donuts. After another bath, they finally relented and ate a few bites. How on earth are they going to stop being picky enough to eat when we are in the woods of Yellowstone?

Bringing the kids back to San Francisco floods us all with memories. That bittersweet feeling of a city you love moving on, staying as vibrant as ever never seems to abandon us.

Luckily a trip to our old neighborhood, a healthy gust of wind and summer fog, and some yummy burritos will satiate our need for urban living before we really take to the road.

Our adventure awaits. Just my urban family in a campervan in the woods, touring Lake Tahoe, Twin Falls, the Tetons, Yellowstone, and the hot springs of Idaho.

Summer road trip: Here we come!



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