Panama here we come!!! 

Whenever I told someone I was taking my children to Panama, a look of confusion passed over their faces. Why there? Why not somewhere else? 

Here’s what I knew before we boarded the flight: Panama is an archeological wonder. A spit of land connecting, and dividing, the Americas. A natural wonderland, with more bird species spotted than anywhere else on the planet, with hundreds of islands, an engineering feat that counts as one of the world’s most innovative, and plenty of wildlife for my kids. 

I also knew that while the world is groggily waking up to considering Panama a bucket list destination, it is still considered off the beaten path (when you’re being nice) and the poor man’s Costa Rica when you’re feeling snarky. 

So what else would a globetrotting mama do for a summer holiday than venture into the unknown with her 3 and 7 year old boys. 

Stay tuned for more adventures to come. We’ve got three weeks of jungle, beach, city and mountains to explore. 


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