Ripped off in Tocumen

Renting cars generally is a headache, but none more so than in Panama. Thinking we scored a killer deal of $88 for two weeks, we arrived at the rental car office to find that we had to pay an additional $200 in insurance fees for our car. 

Always wheeling and dealing, Eddie spent an hour calling the States to get his credit card company to ok him being covered through our U.S. insurance. This was, as Kai likes to say, an epic failure. 

The kids entertained themselves by playing Top Trumps and complaining about the wait. Se paciente, we learned the other day. Be patient. A good lesson for parents and kiddos. 

Ultimately, for good and bad, we travel to experience other cultures. Viva Panama! Where getting ripped off is a more popular sport than futbol. 

Ps: The fun continued as we motored west toward the beach and got pulled over for speeding. The cop told Eddie it was pay $75 at an office in the city, or fork over $20 for beer. Hmmmm.  



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